crossfire 6870s or 7850 w/crossfire later?

Okay when I built my computer, The 7xxx series hadn't been announced yet or I would've waited. having said that.

the plan put a 6870 in for now (have 1 in there) and crossfire later when I need the power. well now I have an AMD FX 6200 @ 4.6Ghz and about to put together a dual screen set up with a expanded desktop onto a third 42" TV. I'm looking for a few more ponies under the hood if you know what I mean.

should I slide a second 6870 into my next PCI-E slot and call it a day or put the 6870 away until my GF get's a desktop and get myself some sorta 7xxx. I've been looking at the 7850/7870. is that a worth upgrade? one card now and a second card when/if it's called for? also I wouldn't get the 7870 b/c the cost difference is to much between that and the 7850...

anyway, any thoughts would be apperciated. all I really do is gaming in my spare time. it's more of a hobby. start up the game, tweak to max stable settings and boast about it with my other nerdy friends lol
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  1. I'd recommend selling the 6870 and then grabbing a 7850. I have heard too many complaints about 68xx in crossfire to recommend it.
  2. Yea, I'm pretty incline to agree with you there. I'm wondering what the performance difference is going to be. when I build my GFs computer I can just throw in the 6870 and charge her $100 for it and get that 7850 for $150 or if the 7870 has come down from his high horse I'd perfer that.

    any bench marks someone can link to to show the diff between the 6870 and 7850/7870?

  3. 7850 is about 20% faster than 6870 at 1920x1080/1200 resolution. I'd recommend overclocking it (without voltage tweaks) - you can probably get to at least stock 7870 performance by doing that.
  4. yea, I'm thinking the same thing about overclocking. it's why I chose the 6870 or the 50, faster at only a $20 increase. I have overclocked since then though and feel I could comfortably reach the 7870 speeds on a 7850 =)

    new graphics card in my future then! thanks!
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