Game freezes crashes Display driver stopped responding and has recover

Not sure If I have posted this in the right spot but I am also not sure what the problem is after some investigation myself .
Gtx 580
I7 2700k
Asus P8Z68-V Pro/gen3
8 GB ram
win 7 64 bit
120 gb intel ssd

Ok So Its my brothers pc . He was playing World of Warcraft when suddenly the screen freezes and crashes to the desktop . Usually after a few minutes launching the game . We are seeing an error down the bottom right of screen

And after opening Solve pc issues the following message is shown .

I will inform you on what I have done to fix the problem. I first thought of it being a graphics card issue . I took out the gtx 580. I have tried my gtx 560 which worked fine . And my sisters 240 which worked . So I went and bought another gtx 560 . But the problem occured again . Well I was a little angry about this as you could imagine lol . During all these hardware changes I tried reinstalling the graphics card driver . And also reformatting the computer a couple of times . last reformat I performed yesterday with the new bought gtx 560 in and same problem is happening . So obviously I am faced with something I have no solution for . What can I do . Is the power supply or motherboard issue possibly I do not know . Could it be the power cable that plugs into the graphics card . I just dont know what to do . Am I missing something . Thank you guys ...
I am not sure but my brothers has hinted that with the 240 in the problem may have happened once but I cant confirm that . He lacks knowledge .
Regards Adam.
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  1. Run memtest on your ram
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