Yet another Thread about the ET1331G-03w

So anyway, I've seen a lot of threads on this little walmart desktop. (ET1331G-03w)

They all seem to ask "What can put in this piece of junk to make it go faster?"

I being a high school student who didn't have a steady income bought one of these and decided to upgrade it.

Things I added:
OCZ ModXtreme Pro 600W PSU

Athlon II X2 265 3.3GHz

GTX260 Core216 (overclocked)

Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

Green LED fan (for the heck of it)

The result is a PC that I can play (The Lord of the Rings: online) DX10 on Ultra settings and still get 50+ FPS.

I know by todays standards my little PC is nothing special, but I just wanted to share with anyone who wanted to know...

P.S. Yes I know my cable management is $hit lolz
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  1. I think you would be wasting any money that you put into that E-Machine , the thing is that those Pc's were produced to be a low level ,inexpensive , option for people to be able to get a computer. It's not the kind of Pc you want to get and try to soup it up , there's too much you have to do to it that you would be better off building a new Pc.

    One thing left that you can do would be the ram. How much ram do you have and I believe it's DDR2? A ram increase would make a difference. It also looks like you have conventional hard drives so getting a SSD for the OS would also make a differemce and speed things up a bit. A new video card would also make a difference as the one you have is old tech and even though you added it to the Pc it's still old tech.

    So you see that there are a lot of changes you can make and in the end you still have the same old tech motherboard and a somewhat old cpu.
  2. Thanks for the advice, however there are a few other things I forgot to mention.

    I bought PC this 3 years ago when I was 14 and didn't know much.

    I got the GTX260 for free from a friend.

    It came with 6GB of DDR2

    The biggest bottleneck atm is the CPU (65Watt and it doesn't have ANY L3 cache)

    The GTX 260 is overclocked and running rock solid at 725MHz core, 1485Mhz Shader, and 1215Mhz Memory (2430Mhz effective)

    This PC was only meant to be a stepping stone for me to learn and practice working with computer components.
    I don't intend to do any more upgrades on it, (like you said it would be a total wast of money) This thread was mainly for people who were wondering if a larger video card or a more powerful CPU would work with the Motherboard.

    I can't wait to do a new build :D
  3. That's ok that you wanted to do that just next time start the thread as a discussion instead of a question. You have that option when you first open the thread and it codes it with " instead of ?
  4. Ok sorry, I'm a n00b here.
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    The only reason I say that is because now you have to select a Best Answer because it was coded as a question and you will keep getting an e-mail from Tomsharware to remind you untill you do. With a discussion thread you don't have to.
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