I3 Ivy vs i5 Sandy

What do you guys think will be better for non-gaming LAPTOP?

i3 Ivy or i5 Sandy? (I know an i5 Ivy is better, but I'm asking strictly these two processors)
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    Depends on what this non gaming laptop will be doing.

    If you use:
    Programs that are highly multi-threaded.
    High demand of CPU power

    Get an i5.

    If nothing you do meets those requirements, get the i3.
  2. Mainly web browsing, movies, music.
  3. i3.

    Heck even a low end AMD APU would do that!
  4. Haha well it's for my brother. We almost had an i5 ivy for $350 today (Dell Outlet) but someone bought it a second before us.

    Thanks amuffin!
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