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Downloading from Ixus 700

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July 31, 2005 12:58:28 PM

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Am I the only one having trouble downloading images from Canon's Ixus 700?
Always stalls after the first dozen or so. Not the software, if I do it
direct in Explorer, it soon produces an error message like:
"The I/O operations has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an
application request"
- or it says that the camera is no longer available. I'm using a third party
SD card (supplied with the camera from Amazon, so probably reputable).
Have I got a duff Ixus?

Dave W.

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August 5, 2005 10:25:51 PM

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The Ixus 700 is my second small Canon, after having had the 400. I too have
a third party SD card, which I doubt affects how your PC acts during a

I didn't install the software for the 700, despite Canon's warning to do so
before downloading photos; with WinXP, it's not necessary. I always leave
the USB cable attached to the PC (actually through a hub that's part of my
Iiyama monitor). With the PC on but no programs running, I attach the cable
to the Ixus, turn to "play," turn on the camera. When Windows recognizes
the camera, I go to My Computer and the camera is there as a drive. Click
on it, and all images show up. I copy them to my Canon Downloads folder and
then turn off the camera. Then I start a photo program to view, cut,
resize, etc.

I don't know what Windows version you have, how fast your PC is, what USB
version you're using, or how many photos you're downloading at once. These
factors all play a role in simplifying downloads.