Maximum length of 2pin motherboard extension lead

I'm thinking of building my pc into a cupboard and was thinking of having the power (and maybe reset) switch outside, perhaps even the other end of my desk. I've found 2/3pin extension cables and was going to link a few together (or make my own). Just wondering if there is a length that the cable will stop working at?
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  1. I have one of my two powerswitches in an external radbox and the run of wire is about 6 feet, there is a tiny delay upon flicking it though so I wouldn't think much longer is possible with that low a voltage, the wire just absorbs the current basically
  2. thanks for the quick response, I should be ok then :)
  3. Should be, see the little silver plate at the front top left of the box? thats where one of my powerswitches is mounted, it goes through the radbox, through one of the tubes that connects to the rear of the main Pc, and all around there to the powerswitch on the door panel (also modded to be there), its a nice long run and as I said, works just fine :)

    let me know how it goes man :)
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