Weird framerate drops

Well, i recently installed a new motherboard and since then i have been geting some frame drops.
It goes from 60 to 30 and then back to 60.
With the motherboard i used before i could play Crysis 2 at medium settings with no framerate drops at all, but now i can't play cause it does it so much.
I have an sapphire ATI readeon 5700
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  1. This is very strange the problems i could imagin are:
    1- Have you installed all your motherboard drivers correctly? also check video card drivers, reinstall them again, could also be, old video drivers were having more frames on that specific game.

    2- Does that motherboard have also a pci-e 2.0 16x? it would be possible to have a little performance drop if your gpu is connected on a x4 slot

    but i bet on video drivers outdated.
  2. 1. I have installed all the motherboard drivers i got with it.

    2. Everything is hooked up correctly, and yes. I have one pci-e.

    The motherboard is an ASRock 960GM-GS3

    I have the latest drivers for my card
  3. What about the GPU driver, have you upgraded your gpu and installed last catalyst version? AFTER the new mobo?
  4. Check if V-Sync is on also. That limits your framerates to 60 fps.
  5. How do i check what gpu i have?
  6. V-sync will output your screens at either 30 or 60 fps depending on whether your gpu produces over or under 60 screens in a second. Try turning it off and monitoring frames.

    I could be mistaken and this could be caused by something else, but changing the V-sync setting is an easy test.
  7. I have changed my V-sync settings, it only helped slightly.
  8. Now it drops to 35 and then back to 60!
  9. Vsync do that. Activating V-SYNC when framerate is under 60 it goes straigh to half, (30fps) ,so it is not a good option activating it if you are having FPS flutuation.

    GPU = Graphics Processing Using = Graphics Card = Video Card. have you download latest driver version + catalyst control center? that helps a lot the framerate. maybe you had it installed before and now it is not correctly installed:
  10. Btw what resolution are you outputting your video signal? This would also help a lot too.
  11. I'm often in 1280x960 or 1280x720
  12. And yes, I have the latest cataclyst and drivers.

    Also, I have 4 gigabytes of ram, Using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and i have an AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor.
  13. El bumpo
  14. Still no more responses?
  15. does this happens with other games too? if it is just that one it is a game problem, some games are heavy even on low graphics.

    check your temps, could be overheat.
  16. That happens in all the games i play. Here are some: League of Legends, Risen, Running with Rifles ,Battlefield 2 and Minecraft

    I did a stress test a while ago, never got over 65 degrees.
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