Do I need any coolers for CPU and Case????

I am currently using this case with its three stock case fans:

I have a 3570k in my system with stock cooler and I'm about to purchase a GTX 660 ti.

This card should shoot out most of the air out the case.

Now, am I fine with using the stock cooler on my CPU or is it a requirement to have an aftermarket cooler like the Cooler Master 212? I'm not planning to overclock as I am new to computer building.

MAybe in the future.

Do I need any more fans or am I okay with running the three fans that my case came with?
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  1. You will be completely fine with the standard cpu cooler if you're not planning to overclock, I wouldn't bother wasting time and money on an aftermarket cpu cooler.
  2. Thanks, so it should be good to layoff aftermarket cooler CPU then?

    How about the case, are stock case fans enough for the i5 3570k and 660 ti?
  3. Yeah I wouldn't bother mate unless you're going to overclock it.

    The case fans will be sufficient to cool, I say sufficient because they won't be optimal but they will be enough to keep the rig cool, at least enough to enjoy gaming and standard use.
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