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So I reinstalled my copy of Windows 7 a couple months back cause it was getting cluttered w/ crap that I wasn't comfortable with. That includes the Removable Disk drive E: that one day decided to place itself on "My Computer". I have no idea what the hell it is or why it's there. I'm extremely pissed because recently i plugged in a jump drive that i shuttle between here and school and discovered 6 high-risk viruses on it... :fou: [wayyyy to go on keeping our school's network protected... dumbass IT guys that our broke school clearly don't pay enough] Norton removed them but I can't help to think (maybe it's in my head) that my comp is getting touchier and slower. So where did this drive E: come from and why cant i "remove" this non existent peripheral. Should I be worried?
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  1. Do you have a printer that has an SD card slot?
  2. yes. I never though of that. But why would it all of a sudden show up? I'm gonna put a card in it to see what happens, I'll be back w/ results...
  3. It shows up as soon as you install the driver for the printer. The printer tells the computer that it has a removable disk drive, and it's history from there! :)

    PS: I would totally ditch Norton AV and go with something better, and FREE, like AVG or Avira AntiVir.
  4. omg ur a genius :D yes it was just the card reader integrated into my printer. I guess i have just never had my printer on w/ "computer" open at the same time until now, funny.
  5. Yeah, I did the same thing when my fiance, now wife, got a new printer that was shared over the network. I was so confused until I looked up at the printer and saw the card reader.
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