Really Weird problem with GTX460

Greeting dear community!

I have a Palit GTX460 1GB which is out of warranty. it has the latest drivers and bios and what i write below is consistent in three totally different computers .

It has this weird problem :

1. When i install the card as an only card on the system then , when windows try to load the drivers in the "Welcome" splash screen, then the screen gets black even though the windows behind continue to load successfully. When i switch the cable to onboard igpu then i see in the device manager that it returns "Error code 43 , device reported problems and cannot load" :fou: :fou:

BUT and here is the weird part: :ouch: :ouch:

2.When i install it as a second card (the first being a 7600GS or a 7300GS or a GTX 560ti) then the card works perfectly even sending signal to a monitor . I checked it with Msi Kombustor , with phys-x games and with extensive cuda processing. :heink: :heink:

It seems that only in the first configuration it cannot provide signal for a monitor.

What i can do ???

I mean is there any simple or experimental (i include bios alteration, firmware-driver hacking or anything at all...) way to make it fully usable again ??because there are not any more money ...

Thank you in advance!
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