Intel Core i3 2120 Good For Gaming ?

Is Intel Core i3 2120 Good For Gaming
And Does It Work Same As Quad processor
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  1. Yeah.

  2. So I cOULD nOT rUN qUAD gAMES oN I3
  3. Yep, Tom's Hardware gaming charts and tests have repeatedly shown it to be a good gaming CPU. It may not be as good as a quad-core processor for multi-threaded tasks, but only a perishingly small proportion of games use more than 2 cores, so you're fine.,review-32546.html,review-32368.html
  4. Dual core (i3) is good enough.
    How Many CPU Cores is Enough for Gaming NCIX Tech Tips:
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    the 2120 is a great gaming CPU. i just upgraded from it myself and that was work related and not gaming.
    Undervolting i3 2120 (the only "fun" there is) <-- some stuff i did when i first got it.

    as far as performing as well as an i5 when gaming; depends on the game and the GPU. for instance take BF3. in single player campaign it does not matter if its an i3, i5, i7 becasue that is GPU bound and any of them will perform the same. but in multi player maps where there is a more substantial load on the CPU a lower end or mid range card will not choke the i3 and it will be fine but a higher end card, because of higher settings and frame rate, will cause the i3 to not perform as nearly as well as a quad core i5.
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  7. I use an i3-2100 with 8Gb RAM, and a 2GB 6950... Can play everything I have thrown at it so far on High or Ultra.
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