Issues with a new build.

I recently just built my 2nd gaming rig. Im still relatively new to building so im hoping someone can give me some help. everything was going swimmingly until it came to implementing my gpu.

first my specs
asus z77 sabertooth
evga gtx 560 ti
i5 3570k 3.4 ghz
8gb 2x4 g.skill sniper
750w psu

mind you this was a fresh install, so i wouldnt have any conflicting driver errors- on board graphics are fine. installed windows 7 64 bit home premium and when the time came to install my gtx 560 drivers i realized that my card wasnt being detected. now im using the top pci e slot (beige colored one) and both 6 pin power connectors. Ive tried the second slot (brown) and still nothing. Thinking that the onboard igpu was interefering, i went in and disabled those as well. nothing. Ive tried in all the possible board slots in all the possible input modes (both DVI slots and the hdmi port, still nothing).

Im narrowing it down to 3 things - the card was doa (just because the fan is recieving power doesnt mean its live right?), the pci-e slots on the board are dead, or my psu (about 2 years old and the only piece im using from my 1st build) is about to go.
anyone have an idea?

update: just threw in an old hd 5770 card and it works fine through dvi, hell im actually about to run it in crossfire as well with a second 5770 i had. I think its safe to say that the 560 is dead.
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  1. A GPU not beng detected says faulty card or driver issue to me.

    Have you downloaded the latest 301.4 drivers from Nvidia?
  2. grabbing them right now. but would that really help my system to recognize the card? i mean my gut impulse is to say that its dead on arrival and its time to RMA.
  3. Well I remember when I first installed my SSD and did a clean install.. I made a similar post on these forums freaking out that my GPU wasnt detected, but after installing the new drivers, disabling the onboard graphics, and then rebooting, it worked fine :)
  4. (I wont be able to help till tomorrow now - getting late where I live, but ill check up on this thread then, hope you get it sorted!)
  5. still no luck. when trying to install the drivers i just recieve the "unable to find compatible graphics hardware".
  6. This may be a silly question, but are you 100% sure youve installed the 64 bit version of Windows and not the 32bit?

    I did a new build yesterday and got this problem, only to take the windows CD out the drive and realise I had put the 32 bit one in.. *facepalm*

    If this isnt the case, it sounds like a faulty card - contact the supplier and see if you can get an RMA sorted.
  7. (btw apologies for the delayed reply, I have been busy with finals and building a new system)
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