Intel i7, enough cooling?

Im new to building my own PC. I recently bought an intel i7 6 core processor and a sabertoothX79 mothorboard. I only have a stock heat sink on it, but i did have 3 fans on my case blowing directly at it. I was getting concerned when my motherboard kept giving me a warning msg on reboot (always after about 5 min of use) saying my CPU temp was too high, at 80 C. I was paranoid, so i decided to take the whole side off of my case and place my 20" box fan directly at it, covering the entire side of the PC and supplying what i thought was way more than enough cooling. But i keep getting the same msg after about 5 minutes of use and the heat sink does not even feel hot in the least bit to the touch. I used good thermal paste and made sure the CPU and the sink are touching and I am not using any type of overclocking mechanisms yet. I was just wondering if what i did should be enough to cool the CPU or if my thermal sensor are just off. I know these processors are pretty heavy duty and i would really rather not burn out the most expensive part of my PC.

I havent noticed any drop in performance at all, I am just afraid of blwing a cpu.
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  1. The standard heatsink should keep it cool enough without the need of additional fans blowing at it (although you will need fans inside the case for ait circulation. I assume that the standard heatsink still has the stock fan attached to it.

    It is probable that the heatsink is not clamped to the CPU properly if the temp of the CPU is constantly getting that high. Are you sure you have clamped it securely? Try removing the heatsink, cleaning off the paste, putting on some new paste and reseating the heatsink, making sure it is clamped securely.
  2. I think it is your motherboard thermal sensor are just malfunctioning or you didn't apply the paste as correctly as you think you did.But if your asking what you should buy for cooling no doubt NH-D14 my friend listened to someone on the forum they recommended the EVO which is very good but turns out not at all good on i7-3930K he couldn't overclock it or it would over heat even at 4.1GHZ lol
  3. The LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E processor do NOT come with a stock heatsink. It's assumed they will always be overclocked so you supply your own heatsink.

    However, you say you have a hot processor and cool heatsink. I can think of this happening in a couple of scenarios
    1). The heatsink is not fully home and making contact with the processor
    2). There is a plastic film on the base of the heatsink which your assembler has forgotten to remove

    Either way, I would remove the heatsink and check for that plastic film.
  4. Thanks for the help guys, as it turns out it was just a crappy heatsink. Yes, the sandy bridge does not come with a stock sink, but i did install an intel-stock that i had bought elseware. Just got the cooler master 212 and now my temp never even goes over 50 C and usually hangs around 30-40 C.
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