Looking for advice on an unusual and lowcost build

Approximate Purchase Date: over the next 30 days

Budget Range: as little as possible ... but I know good stuff costs more

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Internet, Video (Netflix, Hulu, ESPN3), Music (WinAmp), Microsoft Office

Parts Not Required: have speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: any that delivers what they say, I also we be able to stop at a Microcenter a week from Sunday if it makes sense (drive by, not near by)

Country: USA (Michigan)

Parts Preferences: I would like quality reliable parts that last

Overclocking: Maybe ... only because it might be interesting to do

SLI or Crossfire: I wouldn't think so ( full disclosure ... I'm not a gamer but this forum has it together!)

Monitor Resolution: at least 1920x1080 with a 23"+ size ... if larger monitors need more than HD I would user higher resolution if I could

Additional Comments: I'm looking to start with a cheap processor like a Celeron G530 or a Pentium G620 (Passmark scores are very close together) and then replace it when the PC gets too slow or Intel stops making new chips for the 1155 socket. Mostly it is time to move on to Win7 (it is coming a work) and the PC I have (Compaq SP1650NX) is getting to feel really slow.

I'm thinking a solid mobo that would eventually run an Ivy Bridge nicely (or what comes after if they arrive as 1155 compatiable) and if it made a huge difference a single GPU even further out if it would speed things up and make the PC last longer.

I have used 170GB on my disk so I think 250-320GB would be a lot of space ... but a 7200 RPM drive with a SATA3 connection. I'm even thinking a small SSD for Win7 and maybe Office would be fast and then the HD could be smaller.


Include a list of any parts you have already selected with descriptively labeled links for parts.

Right now I have a Compaq SR1650nx ... maybe some of these parts could be reused???
> case ... holds an ATX board (ASUS A8AE-LE) that is 9.6" x 9.6" ... but a new (nothing fancy but current connections) case would be fine
> I have a 16x DVD (+/-)R/RW DL Lightscribe drive and a CD-ROM drive
> the HDD is 250GB SATA and 7200 RPM ... if I built a PC with a SSD I could reformat the drive and reuse, although it is the original and 7+ years old

I'm looking forward to thoughts on what you all think makes sense ... cheap, but an upgradeable work in progress!

Thanks in advance ...
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  1. Oh man ... I see a thread titled "Need help for a 300$ computer" with this list ... in my neighborhood

    > Intel Pentium G620 $63.99
    > ASRock H61 DGS LGA 1155 Micro ATX Motherboard $49.99
    > Western Digital Caviar Blue 250 GB $69.99
    > Kingston HyperX Blu 4GB $23.99
    > Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D $44.99
    > Rosewill Challanger U3 $39.99
    > Sapphire HD 6670 $54.99

    Questions ...
    1) Would a G620 (Pentium dual-core) be a lot faster than a G530 (Celeron dual-core) ... I'm used to single core now.
    2) Would this motherboard and memory work with an I5 IB CPU just as well as a cheap CPU?
    3) It seems like a 430-600 watt PSU is the norm in the builds I read ... is this a good long-term PSU?
    4) With no GPU (and not gaming) will the built-in graphics still be way better than my AMD Radeon 200 I'm used to now?

    Other than the CPU getting replaced in a year or two I would like everything else to be long-term. Unless this just a crazy way to do this!
  2. 1. The G620 would be faster than the G530, yes. Would you notice it? With the apps you're talking about, maybe but probably not.

    2. Yes, H61 chipset is 1155 and IB compatible. depending on the board, it may require a BIOS update.

    3. Antec EarthWatts is definitely a good quality PSU. And given your power needs are not high, choosing this 380W PSU is a good choice.

    4. Will the graphics be better than Radeon 200? Most likely. Still not very good though. Both G620 and G530 are Intel HD graphics. Not 2000 or 3000. If you're not a gamer, onboard graphics will probably be good enough and you don't need the dedicated GPU (the 6670 in this case).
  3. You may want to consider a Z77 board for IB in the future.
    1155 is being discontinued, so the new processors will not support it.

    Also: I knew that build would help someone! <3
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