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I recently changed my case from a Cooler Master Stacker CM 830 to a CM 690 II Advanced. The problem I am having is that when I am just browsing my temps rocket to as high as 67 degrees. This to me is pretty high for not playing sat Crysis 2 on full settings?! And when I am, the temp never goes above 78 degrees, which is even more frustrating?!

I suppose what I am asking is, although the browsing temp is high, should I be worried? I have overclocked to max settings using Afterburner, but even when I switch to a stock profile, the temps are almost identical?!

I was only experiencing temps of up to and including 60 degrees in my stacker, and I bought this case as I was led to beleive that it was excellent at keeping things cool?

Any advice etc, most appreciated!!

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  1. I wouldn't be worried about it as long as your load temps aren't too high. though that is indeed strange.
  2. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your input, but another thing I have just noticed is my GPU usage graph in Afterburner 2.2.0 latest, rockets and as I type this, its at 87 percent, which may go some way at least to explaining the high temps when not gaming?!

    I do not have a custom fan profile in Afterburner, it is just set to auto.

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