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Help between these 2; Storm Scout 2 vs. Phantom 410.

So as I'm finalizing my build I was decided on getting the 410, that is until the revised storm scout 2 came out and I would be traveling to friends house frequently and that handle would be handy dandy.
If you have any other suggestions for cases below or at 100$ and you feel it would be more suitable, please tell me!

The main points I'm looking for are:
- a side window panel to see insides.
- good cable management.
- a bit funky looking, not a plain case (then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
- renowned and trusted brand with a good rating on the case.
- more than one stock fan included with the case (yes the scout only has one but I really like it so....)
- USB 3.0 front ports that connect to the mobo, not to run and plug in the back of the case.

So there you have, it's quite extensive but this is my first build and want it to be the best I can get it to be
Thanks for your input in advance!

- Albiob
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    Full or mid tower? If full then i would go wth the cougar full tower(exelent cable management and looks pretty cool) with this case you get a good window and a mount for a large 180mm fan along with mounts for 3 more fans.

    If a mid then i would go with the scout, a good solid build and inexpensive at the same time. Very portable to.

    Also make sure your mobo and psu will fit in the case if you go mid size (personal experiance).
  2. Hey thanks for the reply buddy!
    I was going for a mid tower case, and could you tell my why get the scout over the NZXT phantom 410? Im not sure which one has better cable management and I really like the side window on it, it looks better than the scout, but the mobility of the scout is more attractive than that of the nzxt
    Yes both the cases are compatible with mid arc motherboards (which I am getting, ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 btw)
    I have yet to choose the power supply I believe i'll need 600 watts though.
    I'll check out cougar cases, haven't thought about those :)
    Thanks for your reply again I need all the help I can get haha
    P.S. I might be contemplating the corsair 300r with window, and ths Zalman Z11 too, any opinions on those?
  3. I ended up going of rather storm enforcer case, but thanks for the reply!
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