Which LGA 1155 CPU?

Hey all,

I'm quite undecided on which CPU to go with on a new LGA 1155 build, I thought of a few which all have similar pricing.
The CPU would go with an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, and a GTX 570.
The ones I thought of are:

i5 3570k - £160
2550k - £150
i7 2600k - £200
2700k - £210
3770k - £225

I'd be mainly using it for gaming, but also for quite a bit of video encoding and editing, which is why I put the i7's into the mix, for the HyperThreading.
For the pricing, I'm inclined to go for the 3570k, which I'm sure can encode quite fine, how much would i7's help for encoding and the like, and is it worth an extra £60-ish.

Also, how much of a performance gain would the 3570k have over the 2550k?
And lastly, is there any difference between the 2600k and 2700k? Except the 100MHz clock speed, which can be easily overclocked to match.
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  1. One of the features on our 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors is the Intel Quick Sync which helps out with digital encoding with some applications including some video editing. In order to use this feature you most have a processor with the IGP (Integrated Graphics on Processor) which the Intel Core i5-2550K doesn't have.

    At the same speed the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors will perform about 6% better then the 2nd generation Intel Core processors (i.e. the Intel Core i5-3570K vs the Intel Core i5-2550K since they are both running at the same speed).

    The only difference between the Intel Core i7-2600K and the Intel Core i7-2700K is that the Intel Core i7-2700K runs 100MHz faster and that is it.

    Now down to the question that you are really asking should you get the Intel Core i5 or the Intel Core i7. The answer to your question is how much video encoding an editing are you doing? If the answer is not much then go with the Intel Core i5 but if you are doing a couple hours or more a week then you might see a 10% performance boost when using these Intel Core i7 with applications over the Intel Core i5 with the same applications.
  2. i5-3570k is easily the best choice amomg those as its a great gaming cpu and can.also encode/edit/decode videos just fine and the price is good too.
    if you can get the i5-2500k for cheapen that would be good too
  3. ^^ This dude rocks, unbiased advice from an actual Intel dude.
  4. Go with the i5 3570k, for gaming is the next i5 2500k, for sure.

    Now, if you find a cheap i5 2500k, go for it. The i7, like Mr. Wood says, will give you more processing power, but not that much extra room for games.

    Or look at it the other way, a cheaper (but good) CPU will let you have a better GPU to play.

  5. Cheers for the answers all!

    I think I'll go for the 3570k then, seems like the best choice!
  6. The i5 3570k is the best for sure. Ans the price is reasonable.
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