New Build Shorting / Breaking Keyboard and Mouse

Built a new computer today and started it up. First thing i noticed was that the brand new keyboard i ordered online wasn't working. Mouse was fine so i assumed the keyboard was just broken and got another one and this one worked so i began to installed OS and updated bios / drivers for my motherboard and GPU. Then i surfed the web a bit everything was good until i turned it off to move it to my room. When i restarted the computer things seemed normal, then i noticed a weird burning smell and right away the mouse and keyboard were not working. I instantly turned off the PC and inspected everything in the case, nothing was emitting the burning smell. But it was the mouse. After that i tried 2 other keyboards and mouse and they all didnt respond / stopped working even when i tried it on my laptop.

All Devices Were USB

Case - Cool Master
Motherboard - Asus M5A97 Evo
RAM - 4GB (2x2GB)
CPU - AMD FX-4100 Quad
GPU - Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 1GB
PSU - Cool Master Extreme Power Plus 700w

~Bought Parts friend helped me put together
~Worked Fine first time boot up (Except new keyboard didnt work assumed faulty)
~Second time boot all my keyboards and mouses stop working one of them smelled like the insides were buring


Tried plugging in a none USB keyboard, worked for a little bit so i tried a different USB mouse. Computer kept downloading drivers then asking me to restart, after a few times the mouse worked but the keyboard stopped working randomly, then the mouse stopped working again.
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  1. Hi, did you ever get a solution to this because im having the same problem myself
  2. This was a little over a year ago but i think i had an extra one of those brass rises that was touching my motherboard. Also my friend plugged something wrong into my motherboard. Dont really remember what it was but i think it was the usb connection
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