My experience with the Enermax ETS-T40 T.B. Silence CPU cooler

Hey everyone last week I was looking for a good air cooler for my new i5-3570k build and ended up running across a lot of recommendations for the evo 212 and 212+ coolermaster. After a lot of research I found a review for the ETS-T40 ( on another forum which led to me purchasing this cooler. Though I would post my experience. I am not super experienced with PC components, have only build 3 rigs by myself and all of them turned out okay. This was my first time going with an aftermarket cooler.

My current rig is:
z77a-g45 MSI board
G skill 4g
M4 crucial 64g ssd
Gigabyte 7950 windforce 3
Raidmax 530w PSU
Rosewill challenger case

The first thing I noticed about this cooler was it was massive, I never realized how wimpy the stock intel cooler was until I opened the box and pulled out this beast. It was about equal to my PSU in size to give an idea. Everything on it looked pretty high quality.

I never had any idea how annoying it would be to install an aftermarket cooler, it took me about an hour to get it installed onto my board. I had to first install the plate onto the bottom of my mobo and then thread the small screws through the holes in the top of my mobo. I later learned the reason why I was having so much trouble was the black plastic plates that insulate between the metal plate on the back and the actual mobo did not completely line up. I had to thread the screws into the plate separately to deal with this issue. It was not a huge deal, but it was annoying.

The second issue I had was my RAM. I had read that the evo 212 and the 212+ had similar problems with g.skill ram because of the high heat spreaders on the ram. I did have to move my two x2 2gb sticks to the dimm 3 and 4 slots. I don't think it would have fit if I had all 4 slots filled with ram. Overall it was an interesting experience.

Now to get to the cooling difference, to put it simply it was a HUGE difference. Before ordering this aftermarket cooler I tried overclocking on the intel stock cooler(*laugh*) and at a stable 4.4 on my i5-3570k I was peaking at 85-86 c under full load with Prime95. After installing this monster I am sitting pretty at 60-65 c with an OC of 4.5. I would estimate it made a good 25c degree difference. Although it is a tight fit, it could not have been placed better. The way it is setup is the 120mm fan is setup on the side of the heatsink blowing air towards the back of the case right into my two exhaust fans on the top-back corner of my case.

At the price of $35 shipped from newegg I am a satisfied customer.
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  1. Yeah I have an Enermax ETS-T40 cooler, I think. It is amazing! I don't overclock but with my i5 3570k, it doesn't get past 52 degrees.

    Yeah I also have two computers running Cooler Master Evo 212's, they are a bitch to install. However, for 36 dollars, they are truely unbeatable for the price point.

    I am glad you got rid of that *** stock cooler. They are a total joke. I'd rather 20 dollars off my cpu then one of those whimpy coolers!
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