My first build, restarting problem. Help!

Hey everyone. I am having a problem with my build and I am not sure what could be wrong. After a while of everything going smoothly my system has started showing a new problem. After using it for a while all the screens will go black and audio and what not will continue for about a minute then the system restarts and boots up fine. No blue screen nor error. The only other problem I have ever had was the GPU cords where pressing against the case and every once in a while the computer would lose image and I would need to physically restart it and I would get a blue screen error when turning it back on. This seems to be different and I already checked the cable is not pressing on anything.
My Rig:
Case: CM Storm Trooper
Mobo: Crosshair V
Prossessor: FX 8150
Cooler: HP80
RAM: 16gbs of AMD entertainment 1600Mhz
PSU: 1000w OCZ
GPU: Radeon HD 6950 Video Card - 2GB DD
HD/SDD: 120gb Corsair SSD for OS(w7 ultimate) and important things, 2tb HDD for everything else
Monitors: Three 23inch HP 2301 and 1 Phillips 33 inch TV

Thanks so much in advance if you have any idea what might be wrong!!

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  1. best thing i could say is tone down the quality of the build and test the system from a more novice approach.

    Try using integrated graphics if possible, low amount of ram an one monitor and see if you are able to isolate anything. Good luck
  2. Alright thanks P.A. I wil try that I feel like its got to be with the GPU as the graphics are what are failing but I will try a few things in the mean time if any one else has been through this or has any idea let me know!

  3. start with making sure the mb bios is up todate..then i would run some memtest and run hardware monitor to see if the ps or cpu/gpu are over heating.
  4. smorizio said:
    start with making sure the mb bios is up todate..then i would run some memtest and run hardware monitor to see if the ps or cpu/gpu are over heating.

    Alright I will try these things too and reply with the result, thanks smorizio!
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    i think smorizio is on the right track... run memtest, its built into windows vista or 7, it might take an hour or so.

    If that passes check temps. I like to use core temp for the CPU and afterburner for the gpu. They are both free and can make comma seperated log files that you can view with excel.

    The other thing you might want to do is look in the windows event viewer. Look for red x that would indicate an error.
  6. it program called memtest or memtest86 it run from a usb stick or a dos based program.
  7. With windows vista and 7, MS added a nice new memtest. Just type memory into the run line, windows will prompt you to reboot. Super easy.
  8. Alright so after a day of monitoring it mem test ran twice with not one error. My CPU never goes over 33C it stays normally between 10-20C. My GPU runs around 40-45C (fan at 100%) and it hasnt restarted in a while so I really have no idea. Also in the event viewer at the times of the restart it just said unexpected restart. But I guess if it stopped so all is well that ends well.

    Thanks so much for your help though and I will keep the memtest in cmd in mind for next time!

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