New Build, New Games Crash

Hey all,
Hope this is the right section to post, just not sure what the problem is so can't really pick a section.
So my PC is about a week old now; So far I've tried to play Battlefield 3 and Total War 2: Fall of the Samurai (which keep crashing) and League of Legends (I can play all day no problems). So I'm not sure what it is with my settings or hardware that crash out these games. I'll give you my build and what I've already tried to fix the problem.

- Mobo: ASUS 990FX
- CPU: AMD FX-4100 3.6ghz
- RAM: 4gig Mushkin DDR3 with head spreaders (just one stick)
- OS: Windows 7 Pro 32bit
- PSU: 650Watt
- If it matters: I have windows installed on an SSD and my games on a HDD, could this cause issues with gaming that I didn't foresee?
I'm running everything normally, no overclocking.

Here's what I've done:
- I ran a torture test with Prime95 for about 2 hours and had no problems or errors on CPU
- I ran a memory test with Memtester86; did 2 passes with no errors
- I ran MSI Kombustor's stress test on the video card with no problems
- Completely reinstalled Windows and updated; reinstalled video drivers and updated; reinstalled mobo drivers and updated, even flashed the BIOS!... still no luck :-(

What happens:
- When the game crashes the screen jsut freezes, I can still move the mouse
- I can alt+tab out and continue to do other things, no error messages whatsoever
- I end up having to close the game from task manager, and still get no errors
- I can play for anywhere from 5-10mins before this happens
- If I look in Windows event logs I can see the red exclamation marks where the games have crashed, I just don't know how to read any of that stuff so I have no idea what it's trying to tell me

Thanks in advance for any help guys, and for reading my long thread! I hope I provided enough info, plz let me know if not.
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  1. If you reinstall Windows on one drive, you wipe the registry entries that the games made when you installed them on the other drive. Are you using Steam, by any chance? Steam needs to be installed on the same drives as the games.
  2. I did reinstall the games after the windows reinstall. Yes I use Steam but reinstalled all that and the games are on the same drive. As I said I can play them, just only for like 10mins. I doubt they would launch if that was the issue?
  3. >>>> Seems like a power supply issue.. Are you using a generic psu.. better switch to a branded psu then try again... already been there I also play league of legends all day w/o crashing but once Starcraft II kicks in.. It just crashes.. --Hope this helps
  4. try turned down the video settings. see if it a system stress to one part. try running gpu-z to check the gpu temps. also try running memtest (do it when you go to bed.) it a long test. a good stress test would be prime95. one other is to check your cpu temps. if it a new build sometime people forget to put the thermal paste on or the heat sink pins are not down all the way.
  5. I did put thermal paste on so I'll try to play as long as it'll let me and check those temps. Also, I already did memtester and Prime95 as stated above; are you saying I need to run them longer? Like overnight for both of them?
  6. for memtest I tell people to start it and go to bed or do it when no ones needs the pc for a few hours..
  7. So the memtest was all good. I swapped out my vid card for a known good and still having same issue. I'm noticing like 3million page faults on the drive though, so maybe this is an HDD issue. I'm running disk test on it tonight to see if it will help.
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