PSU works fine. WITHOUT the psu fan connector plugged in...

How does this happen? I'm not very smart with computers or electrics but for some reason when i built my new rig i noticed the computer had no problems when turning on without the psu fan connector but could not start up at all with the connector plugged in at all... To avoid the risk of burning my computer, house, self to bits and pieces please lmk on a fix . I'll try to give as much descipription as you all need. Will be at work for next 6 hours or so so be back then.
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    Modern power supplies don't have a fan connector, unless you have a 6 or 7 year old psu you are probably connecting floppy disc power to a fan header, stop doing that
  2. if delluser1 is assuming correctly don't do that!
  3. teh lolz.... all this time an dworries and it turns out the fan was working all along.... epic fail on my part, ty guys. mods plz mark as solved or stupid or omehting lol
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  5. lol oh well we all make mistakes nobody is perfect live and learn didn't do any harm so that's good!
  6. Good thing you didn't kill the motherboard.
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