Hello, I have a Acer AM5100-E1208A, and i just bought a Xtreme HDMI cable but my computer cant find the software to install it, i dont know what to do HELP!?
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  1. You really don't need firmware for your monitor. Look on the Acer's website if you really want it.
  2. kay im not really a computer cavie person so if you wanna give advice, walk me through it, please, oh and i dont have windows installed thanks to some shittie networking
  3. & i cant F all on acer.ca.... *crys*
  4. What are you running then, Linux?
  5. I dunno it just asks me every time i turn on my comp to activate windows and i just say activate later, bc i dont have the CD or the product key
  6. Wait, just looked up that thing. It's a computer, where are you exactly trying to plug the HDMI cable into.. There's not HDMI slot.
  7. yeah their is....it says HDMI on it...
  8. & its orange, around the plug in
  9. Kay well i looked at the info for the comp and its not showing my comp...bc mine has 2 disk outlets, and a plastic slide up cover under the CD slots that covers the plug-in for camera sticks and things like that, and the USB plug ins(4) are on the top on a peice that kinda sticks out and up.
  10. Oh I see it now. So what's the problem? Are you getting a picture? If you are, you're fine.
  11. the comp relizes the HDMI is pluged in but it cant find the install software and neithor can i...
  12. & it doesnt reconize the HDMI able eithor it says unknown or something like that while its looking for it
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