Access Wifi Signal 1/2 Mile Away!!!

I need to get internet out to my shop computers. The shop is about 1/2 mile away form my house and there is a clear line of sight. I plan on using either a biquad or yagi antenna of some sort.

Can I use something like this?
(I think this would eliminate the need for a router? Also since this is all USB and comes with software designed around it, it should be fairly easy to setup.)

Or Would I be better off getting a wrt54g flashed with dd-wrt to act as a repeater?
(Would this setup be faster/more stable?)
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  1. I'm also open to biquad antennas, parabolic dishes and Yagi antennas. Either using a usb connection or router with dd-wrt.

    I really dont care how I do it as long as I can get a good reliable signal in my shop which is 1/2 mile away from my home wifi (clear line of sight)

    What would the easiest fastest solution be?
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