Pentium G850 vs. Pentium G6950

Hey Guys,

What would be fastest? Mostly for Games and Adobe Package.

Bonus Info:

Pentium G850 will be running 2.9 Ghz on a Foxconn H61s mITX motherboard with no overclock.

Pentium G6950 will be running 4 Ghz or more on an ASRock H55M-LE

What would be preferable?

Graphics will still be an old Gainward 8800 Ultra 768 MB

2x2 GB 1600 Mhz RAM

500 Watt PSU
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    i'd personally go for the newer g850 but i don't think either cpu will be a concern given that the aging gpu will be your main bottleneck. even at stock frequencies i imagine the g6950 is more than capable of handling the 8800. out of interest is the psu a decent one? if you're gonna be oc'ing the latter cpu, don't wanna run the risk of frying it with a sub-standard psu.
  2. It's a really budget setup, I know...

    My psu is a 500 watt Mushkin Enhanced Volta....

    The thing is, I have the 8800 Ultra, Pentium G6950 and H55M-LE at home (6000 miles away), but a friend will be flying over here, so he could bring it.
    Then it's basically free...

    From my last build here, I have:

    Mushkin Enhanced Volta 500 watt
    120 GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD
    EVGA GT240 1 GB
    Windows 7 64bit Pro

    So right now, I need:
    Mobo, Memory, CPU (maybe Cooler) and Case.

    But if he can bring me those items, then I can upgrade my GFX from GT240 to 8800 Ultra!
    Then I only need to buy CM Hyper 212 Evo, Case and Memory!
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