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I have a Samsung LCD HDTV 1080P 120hz refresh rate that I have hooked up to my desktop that has a AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics card in it. I was previously using a VGA cable between the two, but am now running dual monitors w/the VGA to the monitor and the HDMI to the TV. The VGA allowed for perfect resolution on the TV but now w/the HDMI the edges of the screen are off of the TV. How do I correct this?
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  1. I know when I had a ATI card in my HTPC connected to my samsung lcd tv via hdmi I had the same problem. If you open CCC there is an setting somewhere called scaling and it has a slider bar, move that left some until the edges align with the border of your hdtv. I dont know what effects if any it will have on your vga monitor though.
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