Amd a10-5800k vs intel i3 3220

amd a10-5800k vs intel i3 3220
Which one should i choose? i play games on high-mid definition, 1280x1024
my gpu is radeon hd 5670 512mb GDDR5 , i guess i can use amd a10's iGPU with it while playing games.
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  1. Personally I'd go for the 5800K without the discrete GPU as its weaker than the I-Gpu and the CPU will handle most tasks thrown at it. Yes the I3 3220 Cpu is far superior
  2. Since you are using a dedicated video card go with the Intel® Core™ i3-3220.
  3. i3-3220 all the way but don't ever think about upgrading to a high end gpu in future with that i3
  4. Shouldn't it be better with amd a10 if i will use crossfirex ?
  5. Crossfire or SLI is just the linking of two video cards to have them work together and give better performance. As long as the processor isn't bottlenecking the cards it doesn't if it is Intel® or AMD. So at that point you are looking for the processor that provides the best performance. Due to the better IPC on the Intel Core® i3-3220 it ends up being the better choice.
  6. a10 in dual gpu mode with the discreet gfx card
  7. Either will do, the i3's performance over the A-10 with a graphics card in single thread isn't so much that it will make a difference with that GPU. You GPU will probably be the limiting factor, much like if you used just the A-10's GPU.

    I looked up your Card it looks like it should be some better than the A-10's graphics. But all the tests were done 2 years ago on older benches than the A-10's tests. :S

    I think the Apu in the A-10 might be just as good graphics wise actually.

    Isn't the 6670 the card that can crossfire-x with the A-10 APU? The 6670 has comparable (/a little bit better) graphics capacity than the A-10 APU. So If the 6670 card is better than the 5670 card you would think the A-10 would be on par with the 5670 card or about as good. Not quite sure exactly.

    400 steam processors (red wood) vs the A-10's 384's processors that have a more efficient architecture. I think the defining factor is the GDDR5's better memory performance. Although only 512.

    Edit: changed the post around a bit

    I just found a new review lol:

    The i3 does have a better cpu for gaming. Still sure it would make much of a difference with your card though. According to that review the difference (with a 680 lol) is about 4-14 FPS higher than a A-10 (65w). But that is with a much more powerful card than you currently have access too.
  8. intel i3 3220 55w ivy bridge low power consumption runs faster an cooler. i3 3220+hd 7770 can play smoothly in ultra high res in BF3, nfsmw2k13.
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