3rd screen not able to extend display too

okay I have 2 23" monitors connected to my Sapphire 6870 (one via DVI and one via active display port to DVI) and a 3rd monitor (television) connected via HDMI. I cannot activate more then 2 of the screens at once. however if I disable one of the small monitors I can enable the TV and vice versa. any input? I was really looking forward to two main mointors with a TV off to the side hooked up to the computer to watch movies and junk off the computer...
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  1. It simply may not be able to drive the three displays, but I'm not sure about that. What OS are you using (XP has issues with this), and have you updated your drivers?
  2. +1 on what OS;

    I have a 6850 and I've had 3 monitors DVI DDVI and HDMI no problem, maybe I lucked out or maybe I accidentally activated eyefninity but you should be able to.

    PS: I'm running win7
  3. I'm running windows 7, maybe I'll try DVI, DVI HDMI... kinda defeats the purpose of my active display port to DVI lol...

    I'll try it in the morning
  4. I believe I've figured out the problem. I think I bought a passive display instead of an active display... so now my question is should I just drop the extra $30 for an active display or pick up a 6450 when it goes on sale on newegg.com tonight? never hurts to have an extra graphics card.

    I guess the plan would be use both DVI slots off the 6870 for my dual 23" and run HDMI out of the 6450 to my television.

    would that work? kinda like the idea better...
  5. You're still going to be plugging in all of your displays to GPU #1 which means if your 6870 is in PCIe slot #1 that is what you're going to be connecting your displays to.

    Additionally those cards can not xfire (I don't think) so you'd be wasting your money. spend the extra 30$ on a better display.
  6. so it sounds like I won't be able to run HDMI out to the second card and adding it won't allow my 6870 to run 3 monitors out of the back anyway without that active display adapter. alright, thanks. buying an adapter is so boring though lol
  7. alright, bought an active display port and some new 2.1 speakers. all is well =D
  8. mcopinger said:
    alright, bought an active display port and some new 2.1 speakers. all is well =D

    Glad it worked out.
  9. yup, I apperciate the help - hind sight is 20/20 and now I have an "extra" cable haha... may never use that
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