FX 4350/8320 or i5 3450/3470

i know what are the people going to suggest but what i want is just a capable Processor with good Life span for like 2-3 years i am not going to play games like BF3 at all :na: i am just going on Open world games like GTA IV/V or Assassin's Creed know so i really want a good capable Cpu..NOT SO POWERFUL and not so low so do you think 4350 would be enough or should i go with super i5 3470? :??: or should i just shut up and wait for Haswell? because in either ays i am going to upgrade CPU in 6 months :(
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    If you are upgrading in 6 months just wait! Out of your selection I would go with 3470 which should last 2-3 years gaming.
  2. In 6 months, Haswell will be out. No point in asking now.
  3. GTA IV is extremely CPU hungry, as compared to the GPU. Unless GTA V is going to be horribly optimized like GTA IV, I doubt it'll be so bad.

    You should probably wait for Haswell, especially if you are upgrading in 6 months.

    Out of those two, I agree with rolli, I would go for the i5 3470.
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  5. so it is 3470 or Haswell then :) Ty guys
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