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Okay for about a month I have been trying to research my next computer which I decided to build and now I'm so lost it's not even funny. So this is what I’m confused about. I Play lots of games, all the big one like BF3. I also use Photoshop (both pics and video) and would be way more into it if I had a system that would handle it.

I have no idea what I need now after reading the whole internet on the subject and Tom’s Hardware seems makes the most sense out of all the sites I’ve studied.

Here is what screws me up:

1. First I thought I needed a 3960X but was told I should get a 3930K because it’s the same thing - 3mb of memory and 100mhz plus I would save $500 cant disagree with that. I was then told all I needed was an i7 3770K, BUT THEN!!! I was told all I need is a i5-3570 and anything past that is a waste of money.

SO which is it??? I love playing the Big Graphic intensive games, and want a really smooth system to run Photoshop on.

2. I liked the Rampage IV and the Sabertooth but was told I was Throwing my Money away.

SO where do I throw it?

3. I really am not into the water cooling thing, just don’t understand it, cant figure out where to screw the garden hose. But will concede the H100 which is sealed will work.

SO H100 or Noctua ?

Here is what I know:

I have bought a Mountain Mods U2-UFO Extended (just love the looks) and 6 Noiseblocker M12 fans so far.

So please help a guy that is lost, confused and using a Core2 Duo with dual 8800 gt
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    Yeah, Photoshop is not intensive enough to call for a 3930k. An i5-3570k will be fine for gaming and Photoshop.
  2. so what would you suggest for a MB and and do you perfer H100 or noctua?
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