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Hello, I'm quite a noob so I need some help here. Firstly, I want to run programs like adode, which I heard is pretty graphically intensive. Does this mean that I should buy a good graphics card? Secondly, I would want to edit and render videos on this new comp more quickly. Are these kinds of multi-threaded programmes cpu intensive or gpu intensive, or both? Would getting more ram help as well? Thanks.
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  1. Typically video editing is more CPU dependent but some software does have GPU accelerated rendering.

    CPU: On applications, like video editing, where high memory bandwidth or extreme ends on PCI-e bandwidth are heavily multi-threaded jobs the newer 2011 sockets will perform slightly better than the older 1155 sockets.

    This would mean the i7 3820 3930K 3960x.
    and a 2011 MOB

    MOB: Of course if you were to go that route you would also want a LGA 2011 MOB like ASRock X79 Extreme4

    These are higher end buys but I don't really know what kind of budget you are talking. They will give you the best video editing possibility for CPU/MOB though difference would not be a drastic step for LGA 1155.

    In terms of a GPU this link goes into depth in the discussion of what you are looking for in a GPU with video editing. Some of it really depends on what program you are planning on using.

    Hope that helps.
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