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Windows 7 freezes at welcome screen

Hello, whenever I turn on my Dell XPS Studio 13 laptop I get onto my log-in and it asks for my password. When I do enter it, the display "Welcome" shows up and I get stuck there.

I've been looking at the forums on the page for similar problems and here is what I can say about the situation so far:

-Booting my laptop on Safe Mode (with Networking) works fine.
-Tried disabling networking, sound, and wireless devices in device manager did not work.

Thank you for your time and taking part in reading this. Any help is appreciated.
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    Hi :)

    Try this....

    Go into SAFE MODE ...

    Bring up MSCONFIG...

    Click STARTUP...


    Then reboot...

    If it works you then re-enable those start up programs ONE at a time until you find the culprit...

    All the best Brett :)
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