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Okay, so I'm not a noob to computers, but I have seen a lot about dualbooting. I have a GTX 580 hooked up to my pc, however I don't need, want, or have the money for another one. That being said, I want that extra push so I can run bf3 without lag on ultra settings and stuff. If I added another card that didn't require any more power via extra power cable (like the single slot 550 ti). Would that be good? One GTX 580 and one GTX 550 ti? My power supply can handle it. Would this work or not? Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. btw, dualbooting refers to having more than 1 operating system in a computer. the term you are looking for is SLI. And im not sure if i understand what you are saying but im assuming your looking for a card that doesnt need a 6pin plug into it? there arent many, the ones without six pin nowandays are either old or low power (like the HD 7750) Not sure which cards on the nvidia line do not require a 6pin plug
  2. No it wont work. SLI needs to be the same cards, not same manufacturer but same hardware.
  3. Using two Nvidia graphics cards together to multiply graphics performance is called SLI. And it only works with two identical cards. Adding a 550 will not work.
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