ALC892 vs fatal1ty


i need help, what is better and why?
Realtek ALC892 vs Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi fatal1ty

Thank you!
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  1. For music the creative has a better SNR, but I do not think it will support BLURAY like the ALC892 will, depends on what you want to do!
  2. only to listen music, games and movies ...

  3. Onboard audio like that realtek is good enough for that.

    Better speakers and/or headphones would provide more proportional oomph to what you hear, then a sound card. . I mean you will get more boom out of better speakers than, a good sound card with average/bad speakers.
  4. i have good sound system, but need answer which is better sound card?
  5. Here is a year old thread:

    It's all subjective, if it's just 2.1 computer speakers it won't matter. If its a good 5.1 or 7.1 then it to many it would matter. And others not so much.

    btw Try to use a newer sound card if you can, one with good reviews.
  6. problem is that i plan to upgrade computer.
    Right now, i have this SB PCI sound card, but on new motherbord which i plan to buy, don`t have PCI port.
    New motherboard have this ALC integrated.
  7. Sorry for late reply.. But some new motherboards have a pci port as well, you can just get a different motherboard.
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