Asus 6950 2Gb DCIIH20 Crossfire

For those of you who don't hang out in Overclocking or homebuild,
heres a pair of watercooled DCII's with a twist, I modded them to keep the original shrouds :)
Meet the Asus 6950 DCIIH20 (very special edition hehe)

first off, take em to bits

Block on and fittings,er fitted

Don't forget the tubing, can't easily get to the block once the shrouds back on

Because its welded on with epoxy putty

Fans back on once the putty is set

and the shroud back on

Both cards done, note elbow direction, cards are linked at the back, not the 'normal' way

And they're back in the case, you can see more tubing than I'd like but I'm pleased with how its gone

Full log here if you're interested,
Best of both worlds, I get the temps of water, the airflow of the four 100mm fans and the awesome visual effect of a tripleslot shroud (or two)
Maybe other DCII owners will follow suit and go hybrid too?
So, what do you graphics cards guys think?

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  1. clever and great.
  2. Thank you man :)
    I'm kind of impressed that monstermawd has been following as well, now, if they ever expand to the UK I may just have a job hehe
  3. let's hope they are going to expand in uk.
  4. Yup, with a real workshop and benchtools, I could make the tubing really invisible
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