Sapphire 6770 with e5300

m having a HCL infiniti tru bl 1280 system and I upgraded the following things..
ram- from 1gb to 3gb
psu- 230w to 500w (20A on +12v rails)

and I also put in a sapphire 6770 for gaming..
now I am getting really low frames per second in skyrim and other games.
any suggestions to sort this mess..???
the processor is an E5300
mobo is an ssus P5KPL -VM/S....
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  1. what resolution are you playing at?
  2. 1366x768 ... btw thnks for ur reply..
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    if this page is any accurate, your fps should be just over 30 since theirs was around 30 at 1600xXXXX resolution. though i have no idea what cpu they used to benchmark it was.
  4. I was getting good frames per second when I newly bought the gfx card but now when I intalled the latest version of catalyst (version 12.2) I am getting very low fraqmes per second...I also OCd the gfx card from 775mhz core clock to 900 mhz and 1000mhz memory clock to 1250mhz using triXX utility but still struggling to get playable frames per second... I don't know what happened wrong... is that my processor who is bottlenecking my card...??
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