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I'm having an issue. I have my PC hooked up to the Toshiba flatscreen 36" tv. My Graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX hooked together with a 3meter VGA cable. Recently the display has been getting fuzzy with static lines visibly moving up the screen. A little like looking at a CRT display through a video camera. Sometimes its wicked bad, sometimes its not there at all. I've tried tightening the connections, removing them, restarting, reinstalling drivers, blowing dust off the card. Not a clue why its happening, just started about a week back, and for the previous month or so that I'd been using the TV there was no problem. Any suggestions?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Gigabit P41T-D3P
Geforce 8800GTX
Intel core 2 quad 2.40ghz
8gb ram
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  1. Have you tried changing the VGA cable? Has anything changed in relation to your system?
  2. I took a printscreen as I wanted to show what was going on, is there anyway I can post a picture here? The right side of everything seems to have a shadow shooting off of it. Left side it sharp though. Still having staticy resolution up and down. Will try a new VGA cable and VGA-DVI connector today and get an update after that.
  3. You unfortuantely have to post it to Photobucket, Flickr, or Dropbox and then post the public link here.
  4. Problems been fixed. Solution was to get a DVI-HDMI adapter and use my TVs HDMI input to run my computer. Fixed everything right up, crystal clear now! Thanks for the replies guys!
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