ATI hdmi output not plugged in?

ok heres my problem, i have a pc connected to both my tv and monitor, and my monitor is my main device,

if i switch to the tv display using amd catalyst it will display hdmi audio input not plugged in unless i restart the pc then it will recognize the hdmi audio and everything will work. is there any solution so it detects hdmi audio as soon as i switch to my tv?

it used to work before.
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  1. edit fixed it, seemed making a new catalst profile worked :S
  2. I am having the same problem. How did you make a new catalst profile that solved the "not connected" problem?? THANKS!!!
  3. i made sure my tv was switched on before i switched then the option was available
  4. I didn't really understand what you said to do. I deleted the catalyst program and the problem went away. There were a few tweaks in the catalyst program that I really liked... What steps/changes do I need to make if I reinstall the catalyst program?
  5. would love to hear an answer to your question as well!
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