HELP! Computer issues...

Okay Folks,

I’m at my wit’s end. I have no idea what is wrong with my computer and why it keeps crashing/having issues.

Here is what I am running:
HD: Seagate Momentus XT (ST750LX003) Hybrid Drive
Ram: 16GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600MHz (KHX1600C9D31K2/8GX)
Video Card: Asus ENGTX570 DCII/2DIS/1280MD5
Motherboard: Gigabyte Ga-970A-D3
CPU: AMD Bulldozer Boxed
Power: 750W Corsair
Case: CoolMaster something.

So, originally I was getting BSOD from hell, motherboard crapped out, and got it replaced. Worked for a little while, then BSOD again (BSOD’s ranged from “Clock interval error” to “IRQ” errors, to various other ones, there was no consistency).

Replacing the motherboard didn’t work. I then googled, thought it was the ram, RMA’d and replaced that. Did the same thing with the CPU, still same issues.

So, took it to the computer shop where I bought it, and they ran a diagnostic and said that a capacitor (or something) on the video card was shot. I RMA’d that, and installed it.

I have to date: Formatted Windows (several times), installed it clean, patched my BIOS, used the latest drivers, all windows updates, etc.

I have no idea what to do beyond this.

Here are the reproducible problems:
1) When I run Ad-Aware and it checks the processes on the harddrive it crashes. It does not crash if running it on a USB or just checking the ram.
2) If I try and Unzip stuff, I get consistent CRC errors. It doesn’t matter whether the file is good or not (I have run the file on two separate computers, worked on one, not on the other). I’ve tried with Nvidia compressed driver files, game files, etc. And the CRCs are persistent.

Non-Reproducible problems:
1) The computer will occasionally “lock up”, there are no longer BSOD (since yesterday) but it will occasionally crash where the mouse won’t move. These crashes are sporadic at best. I can use my computer for 9 hours and nothing, leave it on for a week, nothing, or it could happen back to back every 5 minutes.

I am willing to take this to a place to be repaired (I just want the headache to be over) but don’t know a reputable place (I’m in Toronto Canada). Obviously, any help from the community would be appreciated.

I have an Excel file of my BIOS settings I can send, or I can send any files from my computer (it’s a relatively fresh install)
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  1. Have you tried to download a HDD tool from the drive Mfg and run dianostics?
  2. Yup, used the latest Seagate tool and it said life was good, lol.

    I also now need bandaids from banging my head against the wall...
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