just wondering i play bf3 on 1280x1024 and my system is a i52500k z68 hd 6870 howver in msi afterburner i clik memory usage in osd and in game on ultra it shows 850mb usage and it still stutters at random times and if i change to high no aa it still stutters and low is the only one were the random stuttering stops
does anybody know what the problem might be

tnak you :hello:
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  1. its entirely driver related problem! try to reinstall?
  2. hi thank you i will try that but why do you think that might be the problem :kaola:
  3. because ati drivers are buggy thats why it occurs problem!
  4. hi,

    just finished installing them and it made a good diffrence only when i play 10-15 in the game but amd are known for shitty drivers

    thank you very much sir :sol:
  5. haha see i told you ati/amd have buggy drivers! are you using latest driver..
  6. I use amd and nvidia cards and have no problems with any drivers. Lame excuses they are. How long have you had the computer ? And have you ever thought about cleaning the heat sinks and fans in the entire machine ? Sounds more like heat related if it only lasts 10 or 15 minutes.
  7. :kaola: hi,

    i self built my pc myself about 2-3 weeks ago its an i5 2500k z68 4gb ram and windows 7 while i did as you stated, cleaned the heatsink out put new artic mx 2 thermal paste and it lowerd my temps good, on load its 65-67 degrres which i think is good but im sorry if i sounded abit cockey there people in general say amd drivers are not in all very good
  8. Not picking on you about the drivers. Peeps like to troll for one side or the other here instead of staying on topic to get positive results.

    The heat sinks from Intel are a little finicky the way they attach to the board. Perhaps on your first try the heat sink wasn't flush on the processor. Happens to lots of folks.

    Hows it running now..... more than 10 or 15 minutes ? more than an hour ?
  9. hi,

    still lag spiked im only on 1280x1024, bf3 is the only game this happens in even high with no aa it spikes allitle when i turn and ultra 4xaa it still spike a little just a tad more then high settings fan speed is at 50 percent arhh this is really annoying i would love a fix.

    thank you

    hi btw my cpu temps are 32 on idle and about 55-50 on load so no problem there i was talking about applying thermal paste to the gpu , sorry
  10. you'll have to adjust settings until you get the game where it feels comfortable.
  11. hi,

    iv tried everything only low works good but cmon i5 2500k hd 6870 , it can handle way more then low setting infact high setting on 1080p and im only on 1280x1024 :(
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