GTX560 - 95 Celsius under load

Hello everyone,

I recently got a new PC which includes a Leadtek GTX560 2GB DDR5 graphics card and I noticed while I was playing GTA 4 Liberty City that the temperature of the card went to 95 degrees celsius. I was using CPUID hardware monitor to check on the temps from time to time and since CPUID shows you statistics (current temp, min temp, max temp) I noticed that on max temp there was 95 degrees Celsius. now I don't overclock or anything I just use the system on factory settings and I have a maxcube amoris 6010 case which has a grid on the sidedoor and 2 120mm fans one on the front and one on the back so, I was thinking that it is fairly well ventilated. and considering gta4 is fairly older than my graphic card, I was wondering if 95 celsius is normal during gameplay. I tried to play the game with both full maximum graphic settings or auto assigned settings which were set to high, and both settings were showing about the same results in temperature measurement. says that the max temp for gtx560 is 99 celsius so this is pretty close... I didn't get 95 every time, that was the absolute highest, but it usually reaches 90 easily so...

here is a pic of my card (it is not the 560 ti)
and this is a presentation of the case

Now I know that the case is not super duper gaming mode ventilated but I was thinking that the card should be able to take care of itself during long gaming sessions regardless of the case. I mean if gta4 results in 95 celsius I wonder if I should even run Crysis 2... I didn't have any problems yet but I have a feeling I am walking on thin ice here.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks Guys.
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  1. 1)there might be problem with your video card fan
    2)otherwise remove your card clean using your tooth brush that should workout

    if these two are good and still the same problem, return your card were brought it ,you said it is a new one so you will get replacement for the product.
  2. the card is brand new and the case is very clean inside, no dust etc.
    the card fan shows 90% speed when in 90 celsius range, so my bet is the card fan is okay since it didn't turn to flames yet. anyway thanks bro.
  3. That seems high, as suggested, check the fan is working first.
    I like GPU-Z, it's free, does n't need an install and records 5 minuets or so of activity.
    Hint-right click on the numbers the get min, max and average readings.
    Edit for slow typing: OK, the fan's obviously working and that case looks very well ventilated ;), looks like the card is at fault, it should not be hitting 90C at 90% fanspeed, not when new.
    As this is a new machine, I'd suggest you contact support and RMA the card rather than trying to solve the problem yourself and voiding the warranty.
  4. I see, the fan seems to be working and is in fact very noisy when in full load. I will try GPU-Z. thanks bro!

    Later Edit:
    After installing GPU-Z, these are the max values I got after aprox 5 minutes of gameplay.
    I tried to play Alan Wake this time.
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