Optical drive causing all sorts of ****!!!

Hi guys,
Just picked up a Hand me down computer from my brother to tide me over until I finish my new build in a month or two. Its not the best but it came with a great monitor, keyboard and mouse! Got a great PSU and HDD so ill carry those over to my new buildbut it doesnt have wifi so I decided I would install my rouyter modem and just use internet directly though the modem! Heres the problem im looking for help with....

When I put the software cd into the optical drive no auto-run started...hmmm...Strange! Went into my computer and tried to openit manually when all of a sudden my whole PC jammed up. Couldnt even end task so had to restart. Tried again and same thing. Tried audio cd...same thing!

Now...Ths rig has 2 idetical cd drives...I tried to use the other and yep...you guessed it... The exact same thing happened. It caused my comp to become absolutey unusable. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling them to no avail. The thing with this PC is my gramps built it for my little brother and it literally sat in the corner of his room for 9+months...He didnt touch it cos no internet access...The optical drives are quite poor quality I think..It says Super Writemaster TruDirect on the front so I have never heard of them!

Any ideas on why this is happening? Could it be lack of use for that period of time fizzled them out or something lol or maybe poor brand, they have just carked it around the same time or possibly a little more complicated such as something to do with the CPU, cables etc...Im not the greatest when it come to the ins and outs of PC's so if anyone could throw some theories and possible fixes my way I would appreciate it...

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  1. I don't know how to update the firmware on a optical drive, but that might help you.

    Otherwise buy a new one with good reviews? (and keep it to your next build)
  2. Is both connected same time ? - SATA or PATA connected ?
  3. SATA... They were both connected..Took one out tried one on its own, then vice versa... The thing just keeps on freezing. I have no idea! I just dont wanna go out and buy another one if thats not the issue..
  4. Hi

    To see if Windows drivers or registry is corrupted try booting from any bootable CD or DVD
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Norton anti virus / linux boot disk / Parted Magic CD / Kaspersky rescue CD

    It is unlikely for 2 DVD drives on separate SATA channels to die at the same time


    Mike Barnes
  5. have you tried a clear Cmos?
  6. Try the following and let us know the results:

    Start with only 1 drive connected
    Do a full reboot system.
    One at desktop, go to Device Manager
    Look for your Optical drive in the list. see if it has an error [yellow triangle]
    if there are no errors, Delete/uninstall the driver and reboot

    Let us know the results
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