New Build In The Works

I got a new build one the way, just looking for thoughts and opinions from more advanced users. In Any case

I will be using my HAF932 Advanced Case
As well as my Cooler Master 212 EVO
Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Black HDD
A PC Power and Cooling PPCt860 I picked up on ebay Good psu from what I hear
and of course the same dvd drive i have ben using for the last 8 years.

Currently I use some Asus board, forgot what it's called not bothered to go look it up with a Phenom II x4 2.8 Ghz Processor, very good heater
And a ATI Radeon 4890.
This build does OK I am play to play battlefield 3 and skyrim at acceptable FPS on Medium but if I dial it up (especially on BF3) It kills it. So some upgrades are justifiable.

For the motherboard I am considering of these 3;
Asus Maximus V Gene
The Sabertooth TUF Z77
or the P8Z77-V (The Deluxe is nice but more than I care to spend)

As for the processor, well core i5 2500k Sandy Bridge, I was thinking about the Ivy Bridges but given that the 2500k remain cooler under over clocking that serves as a higher selling point to me. I am wanting a rig that stays relatively cool.

I have looked at a variety of cards but right now I am leaning most towards the EVGA GTX 670 Superclocked 4gb FTW or whatever its called edition. Since I play with mods quite a bit and at high resolutions I find getting the 4gb version justifiable. From what I read it's a reasonably cool graphics card (not the coolest) but I think it will do just fine.
AN SSD, well...I don't plan on getting one for a while maybe, the previous 3 item will push 1000$ alone, and I think this may be an upgrade I do in the future maybe.

As for RAM I was thinking the G.SKill Sniper Series

Thoughts? opinions?

Also In the future I may upgrade the cooler to a noctua DD-h14 or similar performing air cooler. I don't really feel like shelling out for top of line cooling and the cheaper models I hear aren't any better than air coolers plus the feat of bad things happening to your hardware.
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  1. Your spending a lot on a mobo ( witch in return will not give you anymore FPS ) The i5 2500K runs cooler, but you can still OC the i5 3570K just fine.

    ^ Thos mobo work for most people ( if your not going to sli - crossfire you could go with a mobo with 1 PCI E 3.0 )

    This is from AnandTech

    " Finally, the nature of NVIDIA’s power target technology has put partners like EVGA in an odd place. Even with a moderate 6%+ factory overclock the GTX 670 Superclocked just isn’t all that much faster than the reference GTX 670, averaging only a 3% gain at 2560. Since the GTX 670 virtually always operates above its base clock the culprit is NVIDIA’s power target, which keeps the GTX 670SC from boosting much higher than our reference GTX 670. Once you increase the power target the GTX 670SC can easily make an interesting niche for itself, but while this isn’t true overclocking it isn’t stock performance either. In any case it’s clear that for factory overclocked cards to really push the limit they’re going to need to go fully custom, which is what a number of partners are going to do in the coming months. "

    IMO the 80 bucks for 3 to 6 % boot is not worth it
  2. Ahhh the Asrock Extreme4...I sorta...Messed up the pins on mine when installing. :/
    Never the less I managed to get a full refund and sold it as parts. Might go round 2 with it and a little more careful this time.

    Interesting article, I should note I would be spending more for the extra 2 gigs in vram
  3. I notice both of those mobos have Virtu MVP, a little off topic, but from the research I've done that is a pretty gimmicky feature.

    I should note I am wanting a GPU that is equipped with higher VRAM because I intend on playing on higher resolutions. In addition to this, some of the mods I am wanting to run on Skyrim (in addition to it being maxed out) will require a beefier setup which may include more vram. SOme of these mods being 2000K textures, the ENB mod, Warzone (actually that runs pretty well on my setup as it is, now that I think about it.) I know BF3 tends to eat VRAM up. BF3 and Skyrim make up about 60% of my PC gaming.
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