Radeon 7970 Crossfire on Asus p6t se !

i plan to buy 7970 and then add another in the future but my mainboard has pci 2.0 16x slots to close ...

mainboard === Asus p6t se

as you see gpus will be too close .. like 1-2mm space between them ... will it bring me overheating problems ? and if yes how to fix it ? i don't want to buy new mainboard ... is there any other ways ?
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  1. It's going to be better than what you see in the photo since your case will keep them spaced properly. Still, I'd get a fan or something to blow air into those spaces between the cards. Also definitely go with a blower design otherwise you'll be circulating hot air.
  2. so do you think that 7970 in cf with mine mainboard will be ok ? i can add 2 more fans on my case .. i ahve one 80mm and i can add 1 120mm and another 80mm .. will be that enough ? :)
  3. i know dude. .. 480 s are hotter card i totaly agree :) but witch mainboard do you have ? maybe you have slots no so close like me :)
  4. it seems i need custom cooler on top like you ) that will be the best way for me
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