How Important Is shader speed in a Graphic card

How important is Shader speed in a Graphic card? I have done some reading on importance of shaders but i'm not quite sure that if a very good shader speed is important or not.

I have two Laptops (i3 lap with Nvidia 410m GPU ), and ( i5 with AMD Radeon HD 6470). when i install the same game on both laptops, Nvidia card is Outperforming on each and every game.

Even though Radeon is having more pipelines and more core-speed ,Nvidia card is doing better.

Nvidia 410M GPU - 512 MB

Pipelines 48 - unified
Core Speed * 575 MHz
Shader Speed * 1150 MHz


Pipelines 160 - unified
Core Speed * 700 / 750 MHz
Shader Speed * 700 / 750 MHz

Both are 64 bit graphic cards.

Is it very important to have good shader speed?? Is it only the low Shader speed on Radeon the reason why it is not performing well when compared to nvidia?

Please advice... Thanks in advance... I'm Really really stuck at this point.......
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  1. I Thank you for your reply,

    how can i compare two graphic cards,
    is it only basing on the results of benchmark tests?

    Is there any website or any link that you know from where i get to know about things like architectures of graphic cards and their working . .
  2. Thanks for the link, :)
    this link was very useful and it gave me good info about the basic working of Graphic card.

    I have been searching for the Internal Architecture of GPU, but i'm only able to get very very little info on the internal architecture of it, do you know any place where i can get internal architectures in detail.

    I basically need Control unit's structure of GPU, Its Datapath structure, and its internal functioning overview.

    can you please help.....

    thanks in advance
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