I can't set the port forwarding ip address on Belkin router


I've just changed my router to a Belkin N+ Wireless Router (F5D8235uk4)

My home network is on the ip address range.

I changed the routers IP address to (same as my last one) and the subnet is set to

My problem is that whilst my PC's are in the to range my NAS ip is and when I go into the port forwarding (virtual servers) settings on the router it only let's me set the last octet with the first three octets set to 10.0.0. and these can't be changed so I can't port forward to my nas :o

Surely the virtual servers should be able to forward to any PC in the subnet, not just those in a subnet?

I don't want to change my nas IP address even though that would fix this issue.

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  1. Just had a chat with Belkin and apparently it is by DESIGN that you can't change the first three octets in the virtual servers screen and the DHCP scope...

    Apparently this is acceptable because it is not an enterprise device :heink: :o :sarcastic:

    So my £9 netgear that it replaces was a serious business router as it could do the above :sarcastic: :pfff:
  2. why the hell did u change it to 10.0.0 in the first place?
    technically any device that starts with ip 10.10.10 cannot connect to a network with ip 10.0.0, so ur nas isnt connected.
    go to DHCP settings on ur router and set it to run from to, change router ip to or something
    then reassign pot forward
  3. port forward*
  4. My nas IS connected...it's the router that won't port forward.

    Technically a device with Ip 10.0.0.x CAN connect to a device with Ip of as it's the subnet mask that determines what can and can't connect. The default subnet mask for the 10.x.x.x scope is so that is not the problem.

    The problem is that the router will only forward to 10.0.0.x and ignores the subnet mask.

    A blatant error on Belkins part but hey ho, it's a discontinued device so no chance of them correcting their error.

    I'll have to change my IP's...good chance that it's not loads of devices
  5. so you are claiming that any ip address can be assigned in a DHCP that starts with 10.0.0 ?
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