Corsair gs500w price in INDIA??? My budget is 60$

I want a 500w SMPS with 80% efficiency... :sarcastic:
I decide that I want 2 buy a corsair gs500w... (but it's price in INDIA???)
My budget is around 60$... :heink:
And which SMPS is the best around this budget?????? :ange:
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  1. Try flipkart.
  2. :non: no thanks..
  3. Why not?

    I can't check because the website is apparently blocked on my computer.

    don't know any other indian computer part retailers.
  4. I want to purchased a Huntkey Green power 500w for rs/- 2.6k+ 4% vat .....
    It has 2 pci-e cable 6+2pin...
    80% efficient....
    120mm slient fan...
    3 yrs replacement warrenty....
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