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Card for ECS A790GXM-A Black series

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April 28, 2012 3:39:10 PM

Hello, I will be picking up a pc with an ECS A790GXM-A Black Series, with an AMD Phenom Quad Core processor (Not sure exact model) and has 2gb of OCZ DDR2 ram. I need to get another 2gb of DDR2, Windows 7 home, and a graphics card. If it makes any difference it has 2.0 x16 slots. If I left something out, just ask for I am new to this.

Which card would be affordable to play Tera at medium-high settings smoothly?

Edit: Will be playing at 1920x1080
April 28, 2012 3:52:29 PM

It's a Pc i am buying from a co-worker. I believe it is a good branded 500w or 600w.
April 28, 2012 3:56:38 PM

What card would you recommend below the $150 mark?
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April 28, 2012 4:04:25 PM

The reviews make that card a bit sketchy to me, sorry for the hassle.
April 28, 2012 4:11:28 PM

Cons: Apparently, bad memory. Although the GPU appears to work well (I did not test OC'ing), all 3D games and programs show numerous small blinking, untextured blocks. Their location is random and covers approximately 33% of the screen.

Cons: Runs a little hot, 74c? Don't expect much out of the cooler, it isn't the best.

Cons: Bulky, died within two weeks of average use.

Cons: Heat, this thing does run quite hot under load.
Fan is noticeable at anything over 60%

Cons: The card is giving rainbow colored lines horizontally and vertically in both windows 7 and BIOS.

Cons: Card had lines in BIOS and lines when loading Windows.

Cons: Died after 3 days, screen now looks like playing an old VHS tape thats way out of focus.

Cons: Card started having trouble after a month.

Cons: runs hot in crossfire even with a slot between the two cards, you'll want fans on high or an air tunnel for fresh air straight to the gpu's

Cons: 3D Mark tests were high but when playing either Crysis 2 or Eve Online I would ge BSOD. Treid everything to get it to work, and no luck
April 28, 2012 4:29:43 PM

That is a lot better and more re-assuring. Thank you. One last thing, I believe the case for this pc is "Mid-size" I was told the motherboard is a full size motherboard. Would this card fit in a mid-size case?
April 28, 2012 4:45:29 PM

Awesome. I think I will be getting this card. Thank you for all your help. And one last thing. The pc has 2gb (1 stick) of DDR2. He said not to buy ddr2 with faster speeds than the 2gb already in it. How can I check the speed of that 2gb stick of ddr2 ram?
April 28, 2012 4:55:04 PM

So should I go with the Mushkin or the G.Skill ram? Last question. Haha.
April 28, 2012 5:01:09 PM

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April 28, 2012 5:04:40 PM

Fantastic. Thank you for everything. You were great help. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
a c 271 U Graphics card
April 28, 2012 9:22:37 PM

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