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This is my first build, and I decided to go with a 120gb Vertex 3 for the OS. I've heard it's not a bad idea to update the firmware on the SSD before installing the OS, but I'm not clear on how to go about doing that. One option seems to be installing the OS to my spinner drive, updating the SSD's firmware, and then transferring the OS over... but I was hoping there might be an option that won't take quite that long. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Actually, this seems to be saying that OCZ's tools will work even if the drive has the OS on it already, so I should be fine installing Windows 7, pulling the OCZ tools onto a CD or USB, and running the firmware updates from there.

Can anyone confirm this?
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  1. Usually with most firmware updates you'll need a blank CD and you'll have to load the firmware onto the CD from another computer. Once you do that and boot from the CD you should be able to flash the firmware automatically.
  2. Yep you can definitely upgrade the drive with the OS already on there, my friend just did it with the OCZ Tool.
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    If you go to the OCZ forums they have all the instructions there for updating firmware and also for a secure erase function if needed. I have used the firmware update methods from the OCZ forums and it's very easy. You can make a bootable drive out of a usb stick , load linux on it and do a firmware update. Having not done it before it does take a little time to setup but once you do it is very easy.
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