Switching coolers?

hi, have another question for the guys here,

I have this 4870 HIS IceQ card. but the cooler is spoilt. so the card will start but shuts down very quickly due to heat.
Is there anyway i can get a gtx275's twin frozr cooler onto this 4870 card?
I mean, is that even possible? using a gtx275 twin frozr cooler on a 4870?

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    Should be possible, I just modded a waterblock onto a DCII shroud on two cards
    so a straight swap should work easily enough, although I would go for an amd variant of the T.F. the spacing may be different on Nvidia cards
  2. It is worth a try, you have everything to gain and nothing to loose except time.
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  4. Glad to help man, log and/or pics of it please for others to learn from?
    And thank you for B.a.
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